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Control Room

Recording, Mixing, Mastering


Live Room A

Rehearsal and Recording

In a space of 15 mq, the Live Room A offers all the necessary features to capture the best sound quality. Compact, with controlled reverberation and with a capacity of 4-5 people, it is also ideal for band rehearsals and live recordings, with Audiovisual, to make promotional videos with professional quality.



Analog and Digital

Based on the AVID ProTools digital system, the studio allows completely digital and/or analog work with mindprint tube preamps and a Teac15 console from 1970 with 16 input tracks and 8 output buses.

There is no shortage of native and waves plugins. Monitoring system with Boston Acoustics Nearfield Monitors with Cambridge Audio Amplifier.


Live Room B

Production, Editing, Dubbing

A 9 mq room with fully absorbent walls, multifunctional, ideal for recording voices, editing or producing your own music and recording your ideas in the same room.

With a screen connected to the main control, it is also ideal for dubbing voices for series, movies and video games.




EU Arts & Music collaborates with Parallel Studios one of the best studios in Benidorm. We have various facilities and services available to meet the needs of our customers, with packages that include Recording, Mixing and Mastering.

We also have Composers and Arrangers specialized in Soundtracks, Rock, Country, Blues, Metal, etc.

Contact us and find out how our professionals can help you to create and record the sounds you are looking for.



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